FLEX 6 2013

oral  review:

a. Tell me about your childhood. What were you like? What did you like to do?
b. When / Where were you born? When did you grow up?
c. Did you move many times?
d. Where did you go to school?
e. When did you / are you going to graduate?
f. When did you start studying English? Why did you choose this language?
g. What did you do on your last vacation? Did you travel? Where did you go?
How was your trip? How was your flight? What about the service / the people?
h. Do you have any plans for the weekend? What are you going to do?
i. What are you going to do on your vacation?
j. Are you going to buy anything next holiday?
k. What would you like to do now?
l. What would you like to eat / drink now?
m. Where were you before this class?
n. Where were you last night?
o. Who’s the best Brazilian soccer player? And the worst?
p. Tell me about a good / bad experience you had at an airport.
q. What’s the funniest TV show / comedian you know? Why do you say that?
r. Who’s the most beautiful / handsome person on TV? Why?
s. How often do you travel? What kind of transportation do you take?
t. Which is the fastest means of transportation? And the slowest?
u. Do you bargain hard when you go shopping? Why/Why not?




superlative lessons

superlative exercises



Make notes below about your most recent trip and your next trip.
Most recent trip Next trip
Means of
Things you did /
plan to do
Problems you
had / think you
might have
Things you did /
will do to resolve
the problem


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